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Cory/Shawn ship manifesto.

BMW Slash Yahoo group.

Shack Attack.

The Things They Don't Say.

The Birds and the Bees.

Everything is Okay.

His Left-Behind Voice.

Leaving Her in Increments.


New York Makes You Gay.

Always Known.

Jelly Bean.

Don't Tell.

Stalker's Day Off.

Fairytale Endings.

Natural Progression.

Various Drabbles.

BMW_Slash (LJ Comm).


Like They Talk on TV.

Mistletoe (Scroll near bottom of page).

Wild Oats.

A) This is all deviousli's fault.


B) Damn. There's more of this than I thought there was.

Also? The Pit of Voles makes my eyes bleed. You have no idea how much pure shit I had to dig trough to get these...
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