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Why is it...

...that everytime I update I'm on my brother's desktop? One day I will be on mine when I want to update and that way I will be able to show you Idiot-Boy and the rest of the morons I talk about here.

I have an essay and two (Three?) write-ups due on Monday for English. I'm two pages into the essay and stuck. I haven't even started the others.

One of the straps on my ACL brace (Exact model except mine is dark blue at the top and fades down) broke today (Second one from the top). As a result I couldn't go to work. I also can't go Sunday or Monday this means and seeing as how I can't walk without it (Without the aid of crutches) and it might have to be sent back to get fixed I'll have to go tell my boss tomorrow that I don't think I can work there anymore.

I have it on good authority I was getting fired anyway. What for? Because I take Codeine for my knee and back and some preppy bitch saw me take it and "The chick with the purple hair is taking drugs!" I fucking hate snobby bitches.

For the third time in two days someone (Other than me) is watching Pirates of the Carribean and my brother is playing Magic: The Gathering with one of his friends after coming from a tournament at Samurai Comics last night. This is the apartment of Teh Ubergeek.

My knee hurts and I my shoulder hurts from walking on crutches all day. Monday is gonna blow.

Can't think of anything else to say now so I'm gonna go to bed. G'night all!
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