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I hate LJ so much. It just ate an entire post. Bastard.

fandomhigh has eaten through brainstem. Is Jack O'neill and Conner Kent.

Needs more icons and to switch out DUDE icon.

Has not commented in way to fucming long. Has not read anything in forever either.

Has to find time to read.

Has job at Subway. Hates job at subway. Must go to the job at Subway in an hour and a half.

Does not get off of job at Subway until 10:30.

Leg hurts badly, as does back.

Leg swells up to twice the size it should be after work because of six and a half hours straight of standing and lifting with legs.

Hair still purple. As is pillow.

Really </i>really</i> hates college. Doesn't know anyone there and needs English to end like rightnow.

Has a three page (minimum) essay due for Eng101 tomorrow. Started it at 10:45 this morning waiting for Math092 to start.

Has nobody to talk to.

Is probably PMSing.

Will soon start writing one of Step-Dad's personalities. His name is Chucky and he's six and mom says he's the cutest thing ever.

Possibly forgot to mention that Step-Dad is diagnosed MPD with 17 confirmed personalities.

Is a horrible person for wanting to write a story with MPD.

Wants to sleep.

Feels like crying for no reason at all.

Is completely losing her mind.

Realized in Psych yesterday why the thought of doing anything sexual freaks her the fuck out.

Realized it's the exact same reason why listening to Classic Rock (Door, Pink Floyd, Greatful Dead) makes her incredibly neaseous and icky-feeling.

Has another reason to hate the human race as a whole.

Is completely in hate with the word sexuality.

Is doubting hers for the first time ever.

Apparently types in third person.

Really really thinks she cannot deal with all this shit right now.

Wishes she could afford a therapist.

Cannot even begin to trust free counselors.

Went through seven in four months.

Really really really cannot handle this right now.

Is down to her very fucking last nerve.

Wants to sleep for about a month.

Is probably very depressed right now.

Can't afford to skip work.

Will probably go and have a freak-out in the bathroom at work like the one on Saturday.

Has just realized how much this LJ helps keep the crazy in.

<333's all of you.
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