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spn_j2_bigbang (20k due on May 1st):
+ Sam/Dean Bakery!AU [Outline this]

samdean_otp (8.5k min):
+ ????

wincestielbang (12k min):
+ Sam/Dean/Castiel Human HS AU

teenwolf_bb (10k due September 16th):
+ Sheriff!Dean Stilinski (Teen Wolf crossover) [Come up with anything more than the hook]

polybigbang (8k min):
+ Sam/Dean/Jess White Collar Fusion

spn_j2_xmas (1k min, December 25th):
+ Top Secret

robotbigbang (8k min, August 10th ):
+ Wee!Sam gets sad that the kids and school don't like himandDean and begs Dean to makes them a friend. And then Castiel uses the robot Dean made to make Sammy stop looking at him like that to get around the "no meatsuit" rules in Heaven and plays Guardian Robot!Angel to the Winchesters.

abo_bigbang (10k min, Aug 1st):
+ ????

Charity Fics
+ For elliemurasaki:
+ This Is Ourselves (Under Pressure) sequel. [No, seriously, Kripke Jossed the first one while you were writing it, you can find a place for the sequel to fit without crying because half your words are AU]

+ Mary fic/Something Wicked in The Heavens Aligned Against Us (Sounds Like A Fair Fight). [Eight docs, eight different directions, pick one and finish]

+ Jess fic/Skin in Postcards (From Easy Street) (the Symbology verse). [Yay, you have most of the Pilot done, good for you. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WRITE THE FIRST FIVE EPS TO WRITE SKIN.]

+ For stolen_voices:
+ ????

Just Because
+ queer_fest:
Some Time Soon Eventually
+ Tim Drake is Batgirl; it's the only time she can be herself. [Actually fucking finish this]

+ Any character, deciding to live as their true gender on campus and citing paperwork errors to get around things like dorms. (Supernatural, Sam Winchester). [Actually fucking outline this]

+ ohsam:
Some Time Soon Eventually
+ After Dean got his GED and stopped attending school, he's going with Dad on more hunts. The hunt for the kitsune wasn't the first time Sam was left alone for days at a time, and it won't be the last. Yes, money, worrying about Dean and Dad, and school are all issues, but Sam finds that the loneliness is the hardest thing to deal with. There is literally no one he can really talk to.

+ AU, gen. Sam has dyspraxia. Lack of co-ordination and spatial awareness and a poor sense of timing mean he's a terrible hunter, but because nothing appears outwardly wrong John is convinced that Sam is doing it on purpose and not working hard enough. Sam is horribly embarrassed by his inconsistent skill set (he's smart but he struggles with daily tasks like tying his shoe laces) and goes to great lengths to cover it up. Dean knows something isn’t right but keeps making excuses for Sam’s problems. Sam is eventually diagnosed at Stanford where being intelligent and hard-working just isn’t enough to obscure his learning difficulties. Then, just as Sam’s started to feel comfortable in his own skin, Dean turns up saying John is missing.

+ Dean/Sam fic in which Dean doesn't talk about what they do, continues to flirt with/hook up with chicks, because in his head, this is "better" than acknowledging what he and Sam are. That somehow, by avoiding it, he's doing "the right thing." Rather than have Sam confront him about it(as Sam is of the belief that Dean doesn't feel the same way about it that he does), I'd like it to become clear to Dean how much he's actually damaging Sam with this. He thinks he's not-in-a-relationship with Sam, but the truth is that he is, and treating Sam like crap. Dean isn't evil or mean—he's just kind of being an emotional dumbass about it, as he is wont to do. :)

+ Prince!Jared; J2 The Prince & Me AU [Suck it the fuck up and actually make an outline for this monster]

+ Finding Nemo: A Gay Man's Guide To Dating The Single Dad; Single Dad!Jared AU [Find someone to unfuck the 18k mess of this you already have done]

+ Plot Post-Pilot AU (Burns) [What's the end-game?]

+ Burn Notice Art [February 26]
+ Original Art [February 27]
+ Eureka Art [Feb 28]
+ Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice Art [March 7th]

Drag Queen!Jared 'Verse:
+ Jay and Jensen dog walking
+ Jay in her Oscar gown

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