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HI THAR. LONG TIME NO SPEAK. Here's what you missed: I got new glasses! And lost 17.6 pounds since February 13th of last year. Technically, I lost way more than that at one point, but then had a really bad downswing, mood-wise in October and it decided to stay until basically January. But I'm starting new again! I'm marking down all my food I eat and making a conscious effort not to eat when I'm bored or not actually hungry. I am super looking forward to being able to buy clothes without crying. I think I did that once. It was nice.

I work for a satellite company now! And have since May! (JFC, really? It's been that log?) I am tech support, and if you want to see me rant about how much I hate people you can follow me on Twitter, because I fucking hate people. There is a reason I.T. people are always angry and annoyed in TV/movies. IT'S BECAUSE OF PEOPLE WHO CALL ME FOR HELP, AND THEN TELL ME I'M WRONG. BITCH, WHICH ONE OF US GETS PAID TO DO THIS SHIT AND WHICH ONE ADMITTED DEFEAT AND CALLED FOR HELP?

Also, Supernatural is back, and has been for a while, and I still LOVE IT. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but it's mine and I want to dress it in frilly clothes and make it have sex with it's brother. I love Sam, and I love Dean, and I love Cas, and I hated Amelia with the fire of about ten billion suns, because she was a shitty character with a shitty actress and the writers could not even figure out how to make Sam fall in love with her so they just went from her being a shitty person to them being in love and her being nice. WHATEVER, I'M OVER IT, BECAUSE SAM AND DEAN ARE IN LOVE. My LOVE for this show, you guys. I could list it forever. I stopped talking about it because so many people stopped liking it and it brought me down. But I don't care anymore, so beware of my flails!

While we're talking about me not posting shit ever: how the fuck did I only write two fics last year? I wrote a salt_burn_porn fill (which I signed up for for this round) and my Big Bang. And technically my spn_j2_xmas fic, so three. But, no, really. How did that happen? I wrote SO MANY WORDS last year. But my problem is mostly that I cannot seem to end a fic to fucking save myself. I have Charity fics for elliemurasaki that are literally years overdue because I cannot fucking make a decision for shit. One of the fics I owe her is literally eight different docs that are eight different versions of it. None of which are full fics, because I get to some random points and then try something else. What I really need is someone who will beat me stupid over my fic when I go to them and whine. Ugh.

BUT! That brings me to my next point! I'm aiming for at least one posted fic every month this year. One done, so far! I might even have two this month, possibly.

Also, spn_j2_bigbang! I signed up for it again, and I have a fic idea already (that will hopefully stick), and an awesome title possibly, and I might actually attempt to write the worst summary possible this year, because that's what I get when I try to write a good one, so if I aim specifically for bad I might stumble into perfection. There will be a Flocked post about this after this one, because, duh.

In addition to living on Twitter, I also live on Tumblr now, despite fucking HATING it. I really do hate it so fucking much. You can't have a conversation, there's nothing like communities to post shit too, and if you aren't followed by five hundred people no one sees anything you post. In related news, Teen Wolf. What the actual fuck? It's an MTV show adapted from an 80s movie where basically the only thing in common still is the names and that the main character is a werewolf. And yet it is somehow good? And gives me feelings? Like, what the shit. If only there were more Wincesters in it. Fucking eight billion SPN crossovers and they're all Dean/Castiel. Why?

ALSO! THERE WAS wincon! WIIIIIIIIINCOOOOOOOOOON! IT WAS AWESOME, AND I LOVED IT, AND I AM NOW ONE OF THE CO-CHAIRS OF PROGRAMMING! GO SUBMIT A PANEL, YOU GUYS! This year we're in VEGAS and it's going to be so fucking amazing I don't even know where to start. Actually, it's so fucking awesome that I will make a separate flailing post about it later.

Also, in my absence I have done ALL THE ART EVER. It was not easy, and the Mona Lisa was cranky. I have become unavoidedcrisis's Dedicated Pinch-Hitter for her eleventy-five Big Bangs she runs, and have four arts I'm doing for apocalypsebang alone. I'm very excited, and also very worried, because, obviously. Ugh, I am stressing myself out just thinking about it right now, even though there's no reason to. On the plus side, each of the arts and the steps in the process are gonna average out to another level or two in GetYeDone. What, you ask, is GetYeDone? I AM SO HAPPY TO TELL YOU!

This site is basically the best thing ever. It's a To Do List site that lets you level up and earn EXP, which, man, is fucking awesome if you're as competitive as I am. The site itself is still brand new, and the party system is still under development, but you guys should all go join, add me over there, and then comment here with your name so I can add back when the parties go live. I'm Clex the Indecisive over there, shockingly.

In case anyone was wondering, I spent the entire Superbowl writing this, am counting it as a Boss Fight because I have put this off for literally an entire month, and am happy that the Ravens won.
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