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Art Post: Indiscretions

The first art I did for polybigbang this year belongs to the always amazing misachan and her awesome fic Indiscretions. It's MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and Coulson/Hawkeye/Black Widow. I assure you, if you know anything about misachan's writing then you know that this fic will not disappoint you.

Go on, look at the art under the cut and then go read the fic!

misachan mentioned that she wanted the fic and it's art to have an almost claustrophobic feeling, and I really hope that came across here.

These are the chapter headers. Again, I used a basic typewriter font, with the SHIELD logo behind it because I wanted it to give the feeling almost of an official report.

And, once again, keeping with the "official" theme, I turned the logo into a seal, and then tossed it onto an envelope to move between the chapters.

And, finally, an OT3 icon! Because poor misachan didn't have one and I believe everyone should be able to have at least one icon of their OT3.
Tags: art, fandom: mcu, graphics

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