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Fic Art: Oh, My Queen!

cherie_morte is an evil, evil human being, because she wrote this amazing fic called Oh, My Queen! and then had the fucking audacity to end it at only 32k. But it's okay! I'm going to bribe her to write more and more and more with all the art she never wanted. She will eventually start writing timestamps just to make me stop fucking drawing shit.

It's an amazing fic, and it's non-AU J2 future-fic, and I really hope you do not let that scare you away, because I need everybody on the internet to read it. cherie_morte is so awesome for letting me make art for her fic, and a way with words that genuinely makes me wonder why I even bother to attempt to write things.

I usually save thank you posts for my fics, but there is a list of people without whom this art would be a red-hot mess of fail. ordinaryink is the best helper monkey on the planet, especially if you ever need her to pose for anything, even a 6'4" man. Especially a 6'4" man. sistabro, unavoidedcrisis, road_rhythm, and wutendeskind have all been completely invaluable art betas as well, and are the reason this is not a mess of muddled fail.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Anita Mann. She is fabulous and amazing and you should worship at her fucking gorgeous gams. Be warned that clicking on that will take you to a version that is 1500x2472.

The fic banner was something I thought would take just a few minutes to do. I have absolutely no concept of time. This was inspired by Leland Bobbé's photo series, located here.

This is the large-scale, pre-banner piece.

I also made a boa for the divider (all cherie_morte's idea, and somehow both so much harder and easier to draw than I anticipated).

And icons!
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Hurry up, leave me a comment, and then go read this fic right the fuck now.
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