BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

Fic Art: The New Normal

I got to work with the awesome vexed_wench for my first SDMB fic this year, and you should all go read the fic right now. It's called The New Normal, and my art for it lives under the cut.


The shopping cart is not as random as it looks, I promise. I am a little ashamed to admit exactly how long I worked on that shopping cart (and at what a high resolution, holy crap), but the cart stuck out in my head so much every time I went to draw something, because it was such a genius thought on Sam's part and really did mean a lot in the fic.

The original size of the canvas I drew it on is 1786x2075. Because I am insane and, also, used Paint Tool Sai, which is awesome, but which I also have on good authority makes better pictures if your draw on a significantly larger scale and then shrink after. If you click on the banner it links through to the gigantic shopping cart so you can see the details and the flaws I am only noticing just now.

Candy and pastries are a big thing in this fic, so I decided the chapters had to be made out of them too. And again, because I am a freak and actually OCD, I hand-drew the cupcake, the pie, the Long Johns, and the M&Ms. This is the giant slice of pie (it looks better when shrunk), and the Long John, giant-size.

Tags: art, fandom: supernatural

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