BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

So. Today Was a Day.

Yesterday I did SO MUCH fucking walking, and ate so little (not on purpose, but because the walking was away from home and Walmart frowns on your eating their food as you walk through the store) and gained 1.2 pounds anyway. I'm telling myself it's muscle, but mostly I just fucking hate my body.

Woke up super early today and helped Ma make spaghetti. And then I had a small meltdown today when I tried to do wincon things.

Originally I was gonna make a Powergirl costume, but while most of my body can fit an XL or XXL (I have a long torso, apparently? I think that's not correct) my chest needs an XXXXL leotard, and they can apparently only be ordered as high as XXL, even though the manufacturer's website says otherwise. I really, really wanted to dress up for the Comics panel. That's not happening now.

And then I tried to find something for WinProm, and got to cry uncontrollably for a while, because they literally don't make things in my size at most of the places I looked, and Torrid only has hideous mumu-looking things and dresses that are fucking strapless, because if you're big you must also be flat, for some fucking reason.

So now I'm going to attempt a plus-size Halloween costume and hope I can afford it and fit it (probably not either, because that's how it goes), so on Monday I might have another small meltdown.

I hate my job so much. My new boss is awesome, but my job itself is still horrible, and it makes me hate the company I work for and every fucking person who calls in. Tech support is a horrible, thankless job, and if you are one of those assholes who calls in and then tries to tell the person on the phone that they're wrong, or starts doing shit they weren't told to, or fucking doesn't let the tech say anything, or is fucking RUDE AS HELL to them, I hate you. You're a fucking asshole and you need to fix your shit up.

Anyone know any legit work at home jobs? That's what mine is now, so I've got the whole setup for it, but I need something that makes me want to cry a lot less.
Tags: fandom: winchestercon '12, review: medium, rl: money, rl: work

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