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You are guided by darkness. Chances are you are
depressed, or you just always see things in a
negative point of view. You sit back and take
everything in. You are the gentle giant. But
one day you will snap.

What force is your soul?
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You are night, you are dark and mysterious, you
have more than likly been through some kind of
truma, depression. you have a creative mind,
and more than likly find peace enjoyment in
drawing, painting, writing. You are closed and
hidden away from people, and hide you emotions
behind a wall which you use on people. Try to
become more open, spread your creativity, you
have no idea of how many people there are out
there like you, exposing your art and yourself
can make other people come out, so many people
would look up to your for your courage and your
spirit, your not evil or bad, just
missunderstood, so get out there and show them
just what you are made of, don't worry about
what other people think, it's what you think
that really matters.

What Element Would You Rule Over If You Were A Vampire?
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