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Art Post: Obliviously Lost/Accidentally Found

GUYS. I got to snag raeschae as a pinch-hit this year for her amazing fic, Obliviously Lost/Accidentally Found! She has been super awesome and I really cannot recommend her fic enough.

GIGANTIC thank you to ordinaryink for helping me get good colors, and just generally not allowing me to slack off even when I really wanted to. That bitch be MEAN when you're being lazy.

The first thing you will see are her chapter headers. Jared mentions in the fic how a class project on family trees is what got him into his line of business, so I knew I wanted family trees to have something to do with my art, and when I found this tree it was perfect.

The next thing you see is the first divider. There are thirty in the fic; one for each scene. The final picture is one that is mentioned in the fic, and I knew the second I read it that I needed to draw that picture. Early on me and raeschae were talking about overall themes in the story, and what she felt represented Jared and Jensen, and she said something about puzzles.

The dividers build piece by piece, and if not for ordinaryink I would still be trying to figure out which piece should come after which one. By the way? Turning a picture into thirty different puzzle pieces is nowhere near as easy as it sounds.

The finished puzzle follows, as well as the large, full picture:

I also did a billboard, because the second Jared bemoaned them and mentioned "the skeleton photoshoot" I knew I had to do something that was just the right kind of bad. Just emo and overdone/underdone enough that Genevieve would dance in glee at it and Jared would try to pretend it didn't exist. P.S. Please don't call that phone number, IDK who it belongs too, and they should not be punished because I went nerdy on their numbers.

Tags: art, fandom: supernatural: big bang '12, graphics

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