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Big Bang Reveal

I know, I know. No one probably cares, and this is likely less thank shocking to anyone, but here's mine:

True, We've Demolished a Thing or Two (Sam/Dean/Jess)

Sam/Dean/Jess and the variations therein. R to NC-17, depending on edits.
4. Your story summary for artists: The idea is simple: Save People. Hunt Things. Sam never imagined it would be so hard to find something to hunt, but the area around Stanford seems to be a dead zone. Dean never thought it would be so hard to save people, but they all keep saving themselves. Jess never dreamed she'd find the perfect guy who would understand her job as a Hunter, but here she is bonding with two of them.

Now if they can just keep from killing each other, it might just be true love.

ordinaryink saved me in round two from having to draw wee, crappy little stick figures for my art.
Tags: fandom: big bang '12, writing

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