BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

Holy Shit, I've Been Here For Eight Years

As of 17:10:09 my local time, I will have been on LJ exactly eight years.

Yesterday I accidentally sold my drawing tablet for $70 bucks. I put it up on Amazon about a year ago with the intent of using the money towards a new one and then forgot about it until I got an email from Amazon telling me where to ship it.

I had a job interview Wednesday (for a job I tried not to let myself want, because I'd interviewed there before) and they said they'd call today between 1 and 2 if they wanted me for a second round of interviews. It's 3:15 right now, and I called to make sure they didn't want me (they didn't).

PLUS SIDES (Not really having anything to do with the above):

  • I still have White Collar to watch.

  • I cut and sorted about 300 pages of notes last night.

  • I have a ridiculous amount of comics to read.

  • I wrote 207 words on Symbology yesterday and I don't hate some of them.

  • I'm still managing to come up with plus sides, even though I just feel like crawling under the covers and going back to sleep (and not because I'm tired).

I know, that last one was a backhanded plus side, but I wanted five.
Tags: emo, rl


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