BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

The State Of My Procrastination

Snagged from earthquakedream.

My Stats As Of Right Now
I'm eating: Nothing, but I had liverwurst on crackers earlier.
I'm drinking: Water (Arrowhead, nom nom)
Touching my: Laptop (with) my hands.
In the middle of reading: This Sick!Sam fic by shangrilada, who is amazing.
# of tabs open: Only 4 in Window 2, but 53 in three groups in Window 1. It would be more but I accidentally murdered a group of tabs a few days ago.
Non-fannish tabs: ...I don't understand what that means. .25? Sometimes I get non-fannish things in my email.
I am arting: My mpregbb art. Eventually. Sometime later today.
I am writing: This entry! And Sam's EpiPen, and ohsam's fics in various states, and pretty much everything.
Procrastinating on: Betaing unavoidedcrisis's Polybang, my mpregbb art, and the 400 page doc of notes and chatlog for what will hopefully by this year's Big Bang.
Considering: How to procrastinate best once I'm done with this.
The weather is: "Mostly cloudy" by Arizona standards.
In front of me: Is Sam, my bitchy laptop who keeps having Hell flashbacks and needs to be restarted multiple times a day.
Behind me: Is the living room couch and the island in the kitchen, because I'm laying on the floor at an angle.
Listening to: Top 100 Hip Hop Hits on Fuse. Saturday TV blows so hard.
Sherlock: vnjcsd;lakrvnjmcvure
I am happy about: Man, even random memes are trying to make me be more positive. We're going to Walmart today and I am very happy to be leaving the house and doing things that are semi-productive.
Tags: meme, rl: all about me


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