BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

I might be on a small depressive swing.

Just cried for about five minutes straight because I couldn't make myself stop.

There isn't even anything particularly horrible going on at the moment, just a bunch of little things and the realization that I have almost zero control over anything in my life.

My bank account is -$300 (still, not again) because Ma and CJ don't care.

My phone barely works and Sprint won't do anything but send the same shitty model phone to me, and I am stupidly behind on my bill.

I still have no battery for my laptop, and will probably not have one by WinCon because I have a couple of dollars in PayPal that will be eaten by my bank if I try to transfer so I can buy one.

I live out past where the busses stop and Ma and CJ refuse to put me on the car insurance because they don't think I can drive Ma's Charger—which means I literally cannot leave the house unless Ma wants to take me somewhere.

I have a $105 paycheck from my orientation day at work that I can't even cash because Me doesn't like leaving the house. I also need new shoes for work, a knee brace, and a bra that doesn't have underwire (because mine sets of the metal detector and cuts five minutes each off my 20 break and 30 minute lunch every night).

My job's hours means I can only talk to my friends on Saturdays and Sundays.

I leave for WinCon in a week and a half and have no idea how I'm paying for the room or food or if I'm getting a tattoo or what (fuck you, it's literally the only money I spend on myself all year that isn't needed to survive) because I have to get paid by check and have the above issues with a bank account. And Ma talked to CJ who apparently decided what I'm doing with/for money and how it's working, but they'll tell me eventually.

Oh! I almost forgot. Also, the whole "going back to school" thing I wanted to do is probably not gonna happen because I don't have $130 to pay Phoenix College to release my transcripts to the University of Phoenix so that I can get the loans and financial aid I need.

Also, sleep and net issues means I'm posting MiniBang tomorrow instead of last Friday, and I am fucked because after final beta I am below the 10k minimum and I have to figure out how to up it without it dragging.
Tags: emo, laugh at clex, rl, rl: money

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