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Pretend I Update When Good Shit Happens Too

This week started bad with the battery on the computer and then today we just keep getting blow after blow and it gets worse and worse.

Okay, so in order of escalating shit.

Week and a half ago I got a call from Amazon telling me that my orientation is the 21st and my tenative start date is the 26th. I tell them that it's been about two months and so I have plans to be out of town October 11-18. The guy I'm talking to says he'll make a note and someone will call me before my orientation.

No one calls.

The payday loan I took out a month or two ago when we needed the money to make rent, hit my account Friday before last. It took out sixty, and then another $35 for overdrawing. And then this last Friday it took out another fifteen for being overdrawn for a week, and then another monthly charge on my card hit, for ten bucks plus another $35.

Saturday my laptop battery says it's dying and Dell says it's $165 for a new one.

Yesterday two more charges for seven bucks each hit my account, with another $35 for each of those. So I wake up this morning to -$270 in my account.

I spend an hour trying to call Amazon, and finally get a hold of someone. They say if I start on the 26th and leave the 11th-18th I might get fired. I can put off my start date, but I may never get called back if I do.

(It gets worse)

They tell me I can go in tomorrow and try and talk to someone directly there and explain it to see if they can work with me.

I call my doctor next, because that's next on my list of things to do today. I get a hold of her assistant or something, and explain that I was put on Seasonique about a week and a half ago, and that the doctor said to call if I had any side effects past a week. This weekend I started getting sharp, clot-like stabbing pains in my legs that were gradually traveling higher. Luckily, gigglingkat has yelled at me before about a clot-pain and why you never rub your legs if you have a sharp pain in them.

So I stop taking the meds Saturday (or Sunday) and tell the doctor today. The doctor calls back and says she wants to see me in the office right away (which I take to mean in a week or so like usual). But, no, she means, like, within the next day. ASAP. I can't get in until Friday afternoon because CJ takes the car to work. So I set up an appointment for Friday at 2.

CJ comes home today, and the back tire on the car is completely done for. COMPLETELY. The tires are $400 a tire. Ma's car is a limited edition, so they have to be special ordered. The tires last nearly forever (or a long time, at least)--except in AZ, where the road is so hot the tread practically melts off.

Now, in addition to all this, my sister-in-law (as of last Wednesday), Kim, has been living with us the last few months, and decided to suddenly move out yesterday, and told Ma about it on Sunday.

She's married to my older brother, not my younger one. My older brother is in prison. We haven't really been able to talk to him in about two months because he gets one visit a week and one phone call a week and Kim has been visiting him and he's been calling Kim. It's been annoying and caused a few issues, but Ma has been patient and saying to give it time, because of course their entire world revolves around each other right now.

So. Kim moves out yesterday.

Ma gets a letter from Bryon today, where he basically says that he doesn't like how we treat Kim (which, seriously. What? I have been nicer to her than I am to my own blood) and, basically, that he wants to never talk to any of us again.

Oh, and randomly here and there Verizon is calling Ma to make her pay with money we don't have, or they're turning off her phone.

The only plus side to anything right now is that the mortgage cleared.

But I swear, the way today is going, I'm just waiting for them to accidentally take it out twice or something.

No lie, I am SO SCARED to go to orientation tomorrow, because I am almost positive that they're gonna say I'm fucked either way. Stay and lose the $300 for the plane ticket and ~$200 for the con ticket and WinCon itself, or possibly have no job.

For extra giggles, I'm gonna list the money I crap that is directly related to me:

Bank account: -$270
Laptop Battery: $165
WinCon Room: $260
Food for WinCon: $???
Tattoo at WinCon: Ahahahaha, yeah, that's probably not happening.

That is almost SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS RIGHT THERE. And completely ignoring all the household bills that we're behind on. (Which would be, you know. All of them.)

I need material objects to sell. Anyone wanna buy some crappily hand-knitted potholders? Glorified stick-figures? Shitty drabbles?

Didn't think so.
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