BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

Big Bang Art: Checkmate Ends the Game

I had the chance to do art for free_pirate's awesome Checkmate Ends the Game this year. Sadly, I only got her a week ago and thus didn't have a lot of time to make art (and then my tablet committed suicide mid-drawing). But I like what I got to make!

Cover, with Sam and Dean stargazing at the awesome Arizona sky:

Divider, with the Four Corners monument laid over one of Arizona's many dangerous roads:

And here is a partial art that I was in the middle of drawing when my tablet gave up:

Everybody should go read this fic right now. It's Sam/Dean with background Sam/Jess and it is made of love and angst and love.
Tags: art, fandom: supernatural, fandom: supernatural: big bang '11
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