BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

Big Bang Statistics 2010

In 2010 there were 281 stories posted to the spn_j2_bigbang comm. Of those, 147 were RPS and 134 were Supernatural.

Of the Supernatural fics, 10 were het (main pairing counted), 33 were gen, and 91 were slash (main pairing counted).

Of the slash fics, 63 were Sam/Dean as the primary pairing, 20 were Dean/Castiel as the primary pairing, 3 were femmeslash, 2 were Sam and/or Dean with OMCs and there was 1 each that was Sam/Gabriel, Sam/Castiel, and Chuck/Castiel.

There was a total of eleven million, two hundred and seventeen thousand, four hundred and six words written. That averages to approximately 39,919 words per fic.

Total Fics: 281

RPS: 147
Supernatural: 134

(In Supernatural) Het: 10
(In Supernatural) Gen: 33
(In Supernatural) Slash: 91

Sam/Dean: 63
Dean/Cas: 20
Femmeslash: 3
Boy(s)/OMC: 2
Sam/Gabriel: 1
Sam/Castiel: 1
Chuck/Castiel: 1

TOTAL WORDS: 11,217,406
Average Words Per Fic: 39,919
Tags: fandom: supernatural: big bang '10, geekage

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