BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

Work Makes You Blind

Yesterday the eye doctor said my vision was 30% worse than last year because
I never try to look at things far away and so my eyes get lazy.

So now my eyes hurt from looking out the window on the way to work and,
also, I realized that not only am I in the corner desk, but mine faces a
wall and a another wall, so I have to turn to have any kind of distance to
focus on.

Also, because of this and Ma freaking out over it, I will 98% sure not be
getting anything tablet-shaped (which was totally was an actual chance for a
late birthday present), but more likely a desktop to be set in the back of
the living room so I have to look further to see the TV.

That's right, my eye doctor actually told me I should watch more TV to
improve my eyes.

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