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Suffer the wrath of my boredom.

First best friend: Katie Lee in kindergarden, though I don't think she actually liked me at all.
First car: None yet.
First screen name: Chocoholic.
First self purchased album: The Remy Zero album, the one with Save Me on it. Only album I've ever bought.
First funeral: My Grandma's husbands about a year and a half ago.
First pets: Chewba, an awesome Rin-Tin-Tinish doggie.
First piercing/tattoo: My ears when I was seven.
First musician you remember hearing in your house: Dr. Dre
Last car ride: Last Wednesday, coming back here (Third street and Lincoln) from Fry's Electronics (Thirty-first ave and Thunderbird).
Last kiss: A kiss is mutual so a few years ago.
Last good cry: Good cry? I don't like crying so I'm not sure I believe in good cries, at least not for myself.
Last library book checked out: A Dame To Kill For - Frank Miller
Last movie seen: Land of the Dead
Last beverage drank: Some Orange Gatorade
Last food consumed: Cold ravioli from a can.
Last crush: Uhm?
Last phone call: My mom about two hours ago.
Last time showered: Sometime last night/this morning.
Last shoes worn: My black Airwalks.
Last cd played: My brother's mix.
Last item bought: Dogma, a five-pack of CD-RW's and an External CD/DVD+-R/+-RW Burner.
Last annoyance: Job Corps
Last disappointment: Not being able to find my Microsoft Word CD and not knowing absolutely anywhere to download it for free.
Last time wanting to die: No.
Last time scolded: When I talked to my Grandma on...Thursday?
Last shirt worn: My undress Security shirt
Last website visited:
Last song you sang: Uhm? I think I sang along to California by Pantom Planet but I'm not sure.
Last color socks you wore? White
What color of underwear are you wearing? White
What time did you wake up today? Seven
Where do you want to go? Away from here
What is your career going to be? Criminal Psychologist (God willing)
Where are you going to live? Noy here. Eventually in Japan.
How many kids do you want? I'm not sure that I want any right now, and I mean that in every way taken.
What kind of car(s): The kind that doesn't blow-up a lot.
Current mood: Hungry and tired.
Current music: A Mercury Insurance commercial
Current taste: I want steak dammit. Bloddy and salty with mushrooms and onions.
Current hair: Dyed red, shaved about a half inch above my ears the whole way round and tied in a half looped pony.
Current clothes: My undress Security uni, because I haven't changed yet.

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