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Now It's Later

...I suck at journaling, man. I'll blame Twitter, even though I kinda suck at that, too. So, non-bullet bulleties.

- spn_j2_bigbang! I signed up! Sadly, my first idea for it is something that I recently realized will get maybe three people will read it, because fandom as a whole seems to loathe the theme. I know you shouldn't write specifically for comments, but there is something distressing about spending months and months writing 20k+ and getting only four comments on it. Also, I am tired of being one of the last picks for art. It's stressful.

- Since my last real update B has put in his plea, officially been sentenced and moved back to Florence. This is good, because Florence is a one hour drive where Tucson was three, and it's a two hour visit through glass where Tucson was a half an hour over camera. Also, last night Kristin (his other sister) stopped by to pick up some of his stuff because when they moved him from county in Tucson back to Florence he couldn't bring anything but his court paperwork with him. It was cool, me, her, and Ma got to talk for about two hours before she had to go. We're gonna get together on Sunday before she drives back up to Pinon.

- Google is awesome, but their beta phases are apparently crap with people. Seriously, I have a brand new respect for all the buggy shit in GMail when it first started and everything. They're trying Lead Qualifiers--people who will answer the calls when they come in and get their name, number, website, what their budget is, and then direct them to the right people on the right team. In one minute. They literally have a handle time of sixty seconds, which means if they take longer than that to do anything, they're breaking their version of a quota. The past two weeks have been pretty crap because of this and all the systems that haave been breaking because of it.

- I am still in love with Southland, and it is back and everything about it is made of love.

- In related and more shameful news, I have been randomly watching S10 of Smallville here and there and kinda falling back in love with it. I CAN'T HELP IT. LOIS AND CLARK! THAT IS MY LOIS AND CLARK FROM COMICS! Except for where SV has torn apart the canon and made their own, but when I think of it as an Elseworlds it hurts me less. Also, holy shit, Ollie, you are weridly in love with Clark, man. I am not used to it, but until you get a Hal of your very own (or a Dinah that doesn't make my eyes twitch as hard) I guess I do not mind. I ALMOST FORGOT. Daniel Jackson, you may be doomed to be an archaeologist forever but you were perfect as Hawkman, and I cheered like hell when you tossed Green Arrow through the window, and when you tossed him on the table, and generally when you existed and were onscreen.

- More related news, Batman/Superman: Public Enemies, the movie, is amazing. I quoted nearly the whole thing in Chat last week when I watched it, because Superman and Batman and their relationship was so damn perfect.

- Young Justice, on the other hand, makes me sad all over and I almost want to make an entire post just about all the ways it sucks. Also, I spent the first fifteen minutes or so going, "Koooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon" over and over until he showed.

- Speaking of Smallville, I have been rereading SV fic based in/written during seasons 1 and 2, and it has been weirdly nostalgic and awesome. On the off chance that there is anyone here still in that fandom, or who still has bookmarks from that fandom, I would not turn them down.

- This got really long. I will go now, because I need to write this weekend before cherie_morte kills me.
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