BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

Drive-By RL Update

Today was a day. I will post small bits because I'm tired and just plain don't want to talk about stuff a lot.

Work is fun, I like it, but I am cursed by people who want to show ads in only a twenty-mile radius (not really their fault, I don't expect a local pizza place, for example, to advertise nation-wide), or who immediately change their entire campaigns once I'm done, thus ensuring that they don't get clicks and I don't get credit. They let us surf YouTube or listen to Pandora or do whatever between calls, so long as we pay attention and stop everything else when we are on a call, so that's awesome too.

I got a random message on Facebook about a week ago from someone who used to know my babysitter when I was little (five or younger, because this was IL). It was incredibly creepy and kinda fucked with my day bad, because my old babysitter was not a good person and bad people tend to be friends with bad people.

Last Monday my big brother entered his plea bargain (I had to go to work), and today he was officially sentenced to natural life without parole. My boss let me off from work so I went up there with Ma and CJ. I'm really glad I got to go, because the judge and the guard let us hug him. I haven't been able to hug him in literally five or six years, because he has non-contact visitation, so when we see each other it's through glass. After court me and Ma got to see him for visitation, but the county jail down in Tucson is half-hour visits only, and through video, so it wasn't like I was used to.

He an Ma cried a lot, so I stayed strong, didn't cry, and didn't let my eyes water much, but now I'm worried that he might think I don't care because I wasn't crying. I didn't want to cry though, because I hate crying and I feel weak and shitty when I do it, and I know it would make them both feel bad, so I didn't. And I'm not crying now because I'm trying not to focus on the fact that if I ever get to physically hug Bryon again it won't be for, at least, twenty years.

And then, and I know this is so fucking piddly in comparison, but money is tight, we got home and I realized my team's pot luck and Secret Santa is tomorrow, so I had to spend ten bucks on a gift card and ended up buying brownies instead of making them because I am fucking tired and it's cheaper than getting everything we need for the brownies. But, still, about fifteen bucks that didn't have to be spent there.

Well, now that I've depressed myself again, and all of you, I'm going to go do things and try to sleep.
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