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Clex's New Job (Or: How To Take Over The World In Five Easy Weeks)

velithya asked, "what on earth is your new job about?!" (So did benitle technically, but she did it in the comments.)

While I technically work in a call center, I'm in advertising for Google. THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID I WORK FOR FUCKING GOOGLE. I sell and set people up with/design their Google AdWords campaigns (the ads on the sides and top of Google searches, among other places). It looks like an amazingly fun job, but there are five weeks of training for it, of which week four starts on Monday.

On Wednesday I take my first official test for my Google Certification and I don't feel ashamed to say that I am terrified. Of course, it's a multiple choice test and I always do better on those than anything else, because fill in the blank and essay questions allow me to get distracted and overly complicated in my answers.

On the plus side, my entire training class is in love with me, because I would take the super dense, thick, jargon-filled lessons we would have to read on our training site and turn them into easier to understand notes for everyone for free.

Funny trufax: In my interview one of the questions was, "What do you know about Google?" and I answered, "I know they're taking over the world, and I'm okay with that," and made my interviewers laugh. I am fairly certain that that is the only reason I got the job.

tsukinofaerii asked, "How much do you luuuuuurve me? (Bitch, answer better be good.)"


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