BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

[Art] [Big Bang] Rising from Ruin

This year I was lucky enough to have the chance to so some art for elusive_life_77's Big Bang Rising from Ruin.

There is a sadly small amount of art here because I have had the assignment for about a week, but I think it's pretty good for such a short amount of time.

I actually researched goat tracks for that. Also, the amulet is not pastede on yey, I drew that and added color because I am completely insane. I actually wanted to do some shadow on the trees there, but my tablet does not always care if I want it to recognize pressure sensitivity, so it's pretty stark—which works in it's way, too.

The divider is of Sam's farmhouse, which is apparently a historic homestead that elusive_life_77 drives by on her way to work every day, which is just plain neat.

MUUUUUUUUUUUUUTT. HMOG, I love him SO MUCH. Sam was paying attention to something else so Mutt came and decided to nap on the paper.

1600x1200 version with all the insane detail. The only thing not drawn by hand are the two alchemical symbols that I got... somewhere I don't remember because it was apparently three or four computers ago.
Tags: art, fandom: big bang

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