BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

Why do I fucking do this to myself?

I know better than to go there, but I did anyway and I know I am dumb enough to go back and look.

I kind of hate people a lot sometimes? But not everyone.

P.S. I'm not bisexual, I'm asexual-bisexual (because I don't like the term biromantic); which means, basically, that I like guys just fine, and girls too, just so long as they're with each other and not me. I have said in the past that I was bisexual. I've also said I was pansexual and straight at points either, because I didn't know asexuality existed and I didn't know how to describe myself.

And, yes, my porn is not particularly good, I know this and actually take no offense to anyone saying it. But it's not bad because I "hate the gays" or anything, it's because sex is not appealing to me, and my brain immediately wants to shift more to the emotional aspect of it, which is not always what fandom wants.

This was supposed to be a two-line entry. I think I'm gonna go get food and nap until my luinch break is over.
Tags: fandom: supernatural, random, rl

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