BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

THAT Was An Eventful Night.

So, I am operating on between thirty and forty-five minutes of sleep right now.

I was about to go to sleep last night when waterofthemoon's roommate popped into the (thankfully open and non-broken) AIM Chat I had going with her and a couple of other people to say that he needed unperfectwolf's mom's number ASAP because he had just gotten home and no one was there but there were electrodes with gel on them on the floor and the neighbors said one of the girls had been taken away in an ambulance.

It took a couple of hours to get a hold of people and find out what happened, but it turned out that waterofthemoon had had a seizure - which was why her roommate had her phone, and that unperfectwolf went with her but her phone went dead so she couldn't be contacted.

Even though we were contacting the wrong family members (we thought it was unperfectwolf, because when an ambulance is involved it's 99% of the time her) we were able to contact people and let them know what we were aware was happening and have the right people call the hospitals to find out if unperfectwolf had been admitted.

The reason we were able to do this was an ICE Post. This stands for In Case of Emergency. It's a post that is traditionally postdated WAY back to make it the very first entry of your journal. It's FLocked to certain people usually and has any information needed in case of an emergency (if there is suddenly no word from someone who updates consistantly on a regular basis, or if someone you chat with daily doesn't sign on for a few days or, like this, something happens and your roommate doesn't know the right numbers, but knows you have friends online).

ICE Posts usually have your full name, your cell/home phone number, and the names/nummbers of parents/siblings/BFFs/anyone who might know what happened or need to be notified if you know something happened. Mine is here, linked off my profile and sticky post, and FLocked to certain people. If you can't see it, please do not take it personal.

Please, I beg of you guys, make some kind of an ICE post and, please have at least one friend who knows your LJ/Twitter password who can post/Tweet if you end up in the hospital or something. Your LJ and Twitter friends will want to know.

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