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Speaking as someone who reads the majority of her fic via email at work let me point you all here. amothea is generous enough to be offering .pdf and other ebook/mobile files of Big Bangs and no cost.

I am completely in favor of everyone doing this (especially the longer fics) because the ones who don't are the ones I have to open one chapter at a time and C&P into an email, which is just fucking annoying when it's 13 chapters and, also, sometimes takes so long that I'll skip until the weekend or something.

Also, if you're worried about missing comments, don't be. When I email a pdf it will, of course, have the author's name on it and that makes it easier for me to find it and comment. Whereas when I have to email everything to myself it just has the title, so half the time when I go to comment I can't find the fic and, thus, a comment doesn't happen.

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