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Well shit.

I have a job. It pays $8.75 per hour and jumps to $9.00 after 90 days.

It's also 6pm-6am, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 12 hours straight three days a week right smack dab in the fucking middle of the week.

Six hundred and thirty dollars before taxes.

Twelve hours. Straight. In the middle of the night. By myself. It's not a bad neighborhood, Bossman goes to every site first and if he doesn't feel safe guarding it without a weapon he won't send someone there. But.

I have a knee brace which currently provents me from running. This is a glorified babysitting job but if anything happens... I'm fucked.

youkos_vixen has the same job but she'll be working Friday, Saturday and Sunday--same hours. We are allowed to go to her friend Cherish's house to sleep during the day (Since the dorms are closed) but dude. I've talked to her online twice and her Mom on the phone for a few minutes today. I feel like I'm going to throw up.

I'm like 99% positive I'm going to take the job anyway because I desperatly need the fucking money dude it's just that... I'm fucking scared. youkos_vixen said that Bossman mentioned he was hard-up for Fri-Sun so maybe we could both work then. Agh. God just fucking ignor me I... yeah. Whatever. Anyway...
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