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There is a REASON Celtic_Cookie says I'm Sheldon.

I am very bad with emotions, and generally resemble Sheldon Cooper in enough ways that it's pretty easy to understand why I have a small group of friends. This is not an excuse, just an explanation that when I say or do stupid shit most of the time I'm trying to say something good and just fucking up horribly. Some of you know me well enough that this is not news, but the majority of you probably don't.

I get that earlier today (yesterday technically) I hurt people in a post I made, which I did not mean to do. I know that whether I meant to hurt someone or not doesn't matter, because people did get hurt and that's bad. But I do want to point out that I didn't realize I was hurting someone, and I'm attempting to fix that.

I said something stupid and ignorant because I didn't know better; I should not have done that and I swear that it did not even occur to me for a second that anything I was saying could be hurtful like that. In the future I will try to be more careful about making sure not to use language that is potentially damaging to others, though I will admit right now that I am not entirely sure how to go about that (tips would be appreciated, and I am not being sarcastic when I say this).

Basically, what I wanted to say earlier was this:

I was at the con in Baltimore, and yet, for some reason, the very first that I heard of this whole Thing was when this hit fandom and exploded.

I posted a comment in agreement with The Person In Question post before I knew the details of what had happened—when it was implied that the con mods had made a decision based on the anonmeme and the anonmeme alone. It has since come to my attention that this is not what happened, and that the con staff was acting on information from actual people (not that anons aren't people either) and were not simply acting on rumors just to be safe.

It has also come to my attention, from several people, that because I have no commented or said anything past those initial first two comments before things came to light that I am being judged on this and that it seems that I am okay with everything that has gone on.

Because of this I feel like I'm required to clarify my stance and points: I am not okay with what happened. I do not agree with The Person In Question or the way she has behaved regarding it. I have never agreed with the way she has reacted, and I am sorry if it sounded otherwise in my previous post.
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