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Jesus fucking shit dude. Look at the time *waits* I'm not waking up. I'm about to go to fucking sleep I've been online since... ten-thirty? Last night. And I just got through with my flist. Only skip=160, how the hell did it tke that long? I haven't read anything...

Which reminds me.


Read latest chapters of:
1) Chalk Butterfly
2) King of New Orleans
3) Guerdon
4) Orlando's Greek Holiday
5) One Wall Apart
6) A bunch of other fics I can't remember now

1) Eagle's Nest
2) Heartless
3) Partnership In Blood
4) Every other fucking fic I have saved to my goddamn motherfucking laptop of Doom Bitch Doom.
5) My new comics
6) My fucking library-comics
7) Sleeping

1) A life
2) A job
3) Some fucking balls man
4) The new Wizard
5) The right sized battery for my goddamn DVD remote
6) Munchies
7) $20 from Grandma (It's my money! Don't look at me like that)
8) More wallspace (Not enough wallspace for all my pretties)

1) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
2) Tigerland
3) Memento
4) Good Will Hunting
5) Pirattes of the Carribean
6) Out for that tree!

1) Eat something Bitch! You can afford to spend your last two dollars on food! THAT'S WHY YOU SAVED IT YOU FUCKING IDIOT!
2) Don't kill Liz (Still working on it)
3) Get Boondock Saints and Phonebooth back from Timeteo
4) Get Good Will Hunting and DVD player back from Fartun
5) Don't stab Ms. Mack in her fucking face--no matter how much the dumb bitch fucking deseres it. It will get you kicked out. And possibly arrested. Unless the cops know her. In which case prepare for hot-cop handshakes. A WIP.

Dude. I don't think I'm gonna be up for "brunch" at nine. That means I don't get to eat until four, if dinner is edible tonight. Hm. Just realized I curse even more when I'm tired. Especially with the adjective "fucking."

Really am going to sleep now.

Night all! Morning causette!

*Renames Laptop "Doom Bitch Doom"*
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