BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

Not good.

It's parvo. They wanted $1,700 up front before they did anything or $170 a day for outpatient treatment that has a 30% survival rate. The doctor was an ASSHOLE and laughing about how we'd probably spend the same amount on outpatient, and how we could go to an emergency place but they would want $6,000.

Did the fucker think we happened to have two thousand dollars sitting around that we just didn't want to give to him or something?

We're now calling other places and seeing what we can do.

I don't trust the doc at all, he was an asshole who seemed to think it was funny that the dog was sick and we were trying to find ways to pay, and then they refused to give any test results for the parvo; which is just wrong in more levels than I even know how to count.
Tags: puppy

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