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[Art] Murder and Martinis

This is the aart I did for an amazing, awesome, adorable J2 fic, Murder and Martinis (masterpost), by gigglingkat (The one who wrote Summer Camp). I can't say enough about how awesome this fic is, or how awesome Kat is, or just how much I really do recommend that everyone read it right now.

The title! Art by me, lettering by celtic_cookie!

This one went through couple of different versions of plant; because mistletoe looks stupid if you do it wrong, so I tried holly. For the record, drawing candy canes in a heart and keeping them looking real is not easy.

The handle on the gun is kind of awkward because the layers blurred it a little more than I had anticipated, but I'm still pretty proud of it.

Fedoooooooooooooooooooooooora. Originally it had pinstripes, but that looks better when not drawn.

The broken Christmas ornament is actually rotated. When I originally drew it it was upsidedown and looked kind of like a screaming Gir from Invader Zim.

I am really, really, really proud of this one. Bones are hella hard to draw and the first skill completely looked like a skull with muscle and sinew all over. Then the second one looked like it had solid black chunks of shadow, which just didn't fit right. The thumb-bone being distorted on the other side of the glass is on purpose, by the way.

Sigh. Again, that wasn't as solid as it looks under layers, but this is about the best I could get the shadow. The placing is important because Jared is pretty much always the martini in these, and the placecard is Jensen. Inanimate object OTP cuddling!

Again, really proud of the handcuffs. Ignore the amazingly strong martini spear.

Again, the watch is Jensen, and this is try, like, fifteen.

This is a close-up of the watch detail, in case you guys don't think I'm insane enough already.

And a nose kiss! When Kat explained the story behind the nose kissing I knew I had to draw it for her. Jared and Jensen are insanely hard to draw. I'm proud of Jensen's nose and Jared's hair, basically.
Tags: art, fandom: cwrps, fandom: cwrps: j2, kat is made of awesome, kat made me do it

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