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Okay. Now that that's over with...

The syncing during the "Previously..." hurts me. Bad.

Ooh! Babbeh eye! Dubing still a little off though. Kinda buggy.

The Black Pearl!

Hurley: How did it get here?
Rousseau: Are you on the same island I am?

(Re: Slaves) I'm still waiting for them bones to turn back into Pirattes dammit.

Poor Hurley, Artz is very... boring.

DUDE! ARTZ! Hell yeah! That was fucking cool! Anyone who's dumb enough to wave TNT around while explaining how tempermental it is deserves to get kablooied.

THE WATCH! OMFG THE WATCH! Dude! Jin was trying to leave!

Sawyer was singing Bob Marley! EE!

It's Boone's stuff Shannon has. Poor Shannon! That is not something I ever thought I'd be shouting when this premiered.

Hurley: That was messed up. He front of us. He was just trying to help...This was because I came. I'm kind of... bad luck.
Kate: It was an accident
Hurley: An accident. Yeah.

L: You ever played operation?... I always got nailed by the funny boone.
Jack: Flinches like a mofo

OMG! It was her! It was Rousseau!

Commercial. Dammit.

Damn but Dom's makeup is awesome. He looks like shit.

I'm sorry Claire but really? All I'm hearing is "The dingo ate my baby!"

Hurley: You got some...Artz on you. XD

Sawyer's such a nerd! I love that he's reading everyone's stuff. And I love that he now know's Hugo has money. Now if only he knew who Hugo was. Still <3 teh glasses!


Locke get's pushed by in a wheelchair right behind Mercutio! Hee! Love the little bits in this show.

I really hope Kate blows up. Just a little.

Jack: If anyone sees anything or hears anythng...
Hurley: Like the security system that eats people?

Too many fucking commercials man. Really. I screech every time we hit one.

Oh no, not the purgatory theme again... That's such a cop-out. You're not being punished, that's too easy.

Oh no! Oh no! It's the heroin plane! OH NO! Oh wow, the look on his face. Don't you dare! Don't you dare! Don't you dare! Don't you dare! You kicked it on your own! Argh!

Hurely (Listing what he tinks is in the hatch): ...aAnd twinkies. Twinkies keep for like 8,000 years man.

(SCREACH) Me: !!!! Oh. It's a bird.

Hurley: Whoever named this place Dark Terriroty? Genius.

It occurs to me that Locke's the only one of them who's seen the thing. NO! AHH!

NO! NOT ANOTHER COMMERCIAL! (sakura_aideen: That didn't look good).

Oh, I don't think Lostzilla is happy with Locke now.

No! What the hell? It's like a fucking Tremor or something! That was the most CGI's smo--what the fuck?

The watch! He gave it back and then he gave it back!

Trap! It's a trap it's a--Oh shit! Ooh fuck! Gunpowder? OH SHIT! He's gona cauterize the wound! OHSHITOHSHITOHSHITOH-!

Grr. Yeah. Tht time again.

Hee! The CD player blew a fuse!
Hey, Charlie was in the elevator!
The car. Omens dude. Omens.
I can't belive they made him buy two tickets? Poor Hurley, that must be embarrassing.
Hey! Artz is in line!
$1,600 for a scooter! Dude that is so awesome.
Holy crap dude, he almost missed the plane! He alomst missed the plane. Eee! He hugged her! Damn. Something didn't want him on that flight dammit.

"...8, 15, 16, 23, 42, 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42, 4..."

The raft! Eee!

Locke! God poor Locke, he had to be carried on the plane. That's gotta be fucking humiliating.

The others were coming for the child? The boy? WALT!

The fuse, and Hurley and Locke... Oh. I don't have a good feeling about this. The numbers! He saw the numbers!

The boat: It's gonna be a whale or something, watch. (Watches. Motored boat. Spotlight.) It's not gonna be that easy, they can't be rescued yet, the show's a hit. OMG It's gonna be the Others! (It is) NO! HOLY FUCK! THEY SHOT SAWYER! JIN! MERCUTIO! WALT! NO!


(Everyone getting on the plane) Is it just me or did Hurley wink at Walt like he knew him? Also? IT WAS HURLEY'S COMIC!

Chahlie's got heroin again. :(

I cannot ficking believe they ended it there! OMFG DUDE! I'm gonna freakin' lose it!

Hot damn I love this show. I have season 1 pre-ordere on Amazon, all I need is the money.

In conclusion? Too many commercials dammit.
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