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Today's fortune cookie reads: Beware of an offer that sounds too good to be true.

...In bed. :P

I GOT A PUPPY. I actually got him the Friday before last and that tells you how much I update that this is me saying it now. Also, he is still just called "PUPPY!" because he has no name. He's half shar pei and half bulldog and SO ADORABLE, HMOG.

Among the names possible for him are Dean (because he cuddled with my laptop Sam, enjoys my chest, and LOVES when people pay attention to him), Sam (because Yussie said, "He does that thing with his eyes"), Winchester (Shut up, it would be cute), Simba (He looks kinda like BB Simba), and Little Foot.

Also, I worked thirteen hours yesterday, my sleep schedule has been ass backwards for a week, and on the 14th I go back to 6-3 at work instead of 7-4 because all of you assholes turn back your clocks. Or push them forwards. I don't really know which way they go, just that I get to have a 0400 wakeup because of it.

And I have figured out what I'm doing for my Big Bang! All I need to do is figure out how to get the ending I want and I will be ready to write!
Tags: fandom: supernatural: big bang '10, rl: puppy!, rl: work, writing

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