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Odds and Ends

Thursday I got two fingers caught in the ATM trying to get my money.

Hurts like a BITCH. Couldn't bend them or straighten them for about an hour.

ALSO. I HAVE A NEW LAPTOP! I'm not on him yet, but that's because I'm backing up all my stuff off Sam to move to Sam. Yes, my new laptop is named Sam again. I figure, he still dies less than Dean. Also, his full name is Sam 2.0 v4 S5 Series. This is him! He is SO PRETTY.

I hate Windows 7 so much I cannot even make all the proper words, though. The new system tray is SO STUPID. I seriously don't want all twenty billion things I'm running at any given time to be sitting there on my taskbar, but they are. If I can't find some way to change that I'm gonna have my brother put Vista on or something, because at least I know how to work THAT piece of crap.

Go see how AWESOME Kat is, here.

I've been writing this for three days but have been so sleep-deprived that I keep crashing mid-type, so I'm just gonna post this now and if I have more later I'll post that then.

P.S. If anyone knows where to find some good SPN or J2 wallpapers that are... Fuck. 1600x900? Let me know, please.
Tags: rl, sam 2.0 v4 s5 series


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