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A winter wedding, huh? I don't reallt have much to say about Jared and Gen's engagement other than that I really hope he quietly dated a few people in between Sandy and her, because otherwise it could be bad and, you know, I don't want Jared to become a jaded cynic. That's Jensen's part.

In other news, I'm going back to school. Most of you weren't here when I was going, but I got most of the way through two two degrees (administration of justice and evidence technology) before three years of sixteen-credit semesters burned me the fuck out.

The plan is to go online with the University of Phoenix. Two eight-week classes at a time instead of four/five sixteen-week classes with random weekend seminars thrown in. Between that, doing work full-time, and Big Bang I see my brain fritzing out sometimes about mid-March.

Speaking of Big Bang, I kinda think I know what I want to write, but my main issue is whether I can make myself wade through the 800 page doc of notes I have on it from way back. And, sadly, I am not exagerating. The doc is really 800 pages.

Also, I've been talking to my brother's sister lately and she seems really cool, and nice, and sweet. Not at all as intimidating as she sounds in theory. We're planning on meeting up again for the first time since we were about six or so either this weekend or next weekend. Here's to hoping I don't make a gigantic ass out of myself!

I'm hoping for the money situation to improve at home soon, Yussie's got a second interview tomorrow morning to be a department head at Walmart, I will have my W2s by the end of the month so I can file my taxes, and I'm approved for 12.5k in financial aid, since I can count my entire family as dependants now.

I need to make a list of things that I need to get (a new laptop, my hair dyed, etc) and then try to... IDK, do something. I can't even budget because I don't have anything to save, because the economy is hell-bent on making me cry.

I think maybe the entire reason all this went to crap is because I was making plans to go to the LA Con, and, like, have someone actually holding tickets for me and now I am almost certain I won't be able to go (but am stubbornly holding on to the last possible second just in case).

And I am now addicted to Farmville on Facebook, and I don't really know how it happened.

...This post got way longer than I thought it would. I blame the fact that no one has posted since I woke up really and the computers here in the net cafe don't have flash so I can't waste time on Facebook games.

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