BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,


  • 12:13 Not even ten minutes into lunch and I am already SO BORED. Twitter and LJ are, like. Dead. SOMEBODY ENTERTAIN ME! #
  • 12:28 @amara_m *Claps and throws money* #
  • 12:37 ...I think I just got hit on? #
  • 23:34 @samgwinchester IDK who that is. But he has a name like a gay porn star. #
  • 23:44 @samgwinchester Liar. #
  • 23:50 @samgwinchester Being gl
    ad not to be... Whatever that dude's name was. #
  • 23:57 @samgwinchester Well. You DO have a kind of phallic last name. I guess that could be pornish. #
  • 00:13 @samgwinchester Welcome to the internet, Sam. #
  • 00:20 @samgwinchester Eventually you'll become numb to it. #
  • 00:24 @crimsonkitty88 I think you pretty much just go numb regarding that sibling. #

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