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I was working on ONE call from 0900-1153 today. THREE HOURS ON ONE CALL.

I can't say why exactly it took that long, because that would fall under privacy and security things, but it was NOT the customer's fault; we were having an issue trying to figure out how to classify the account and I had to basically call everyone who worked for my company.

ALSO. I am in Arizona, we don't have daylight savings here. Because of this I don't have a great grasp of timezones.

No lie, I once got laughed at by friends because I couldn't figure out how many hours apart LA and New York were in August. Seriously, it just did not even occur to me that they were always three hours apart no matter what. Especially because here, what month it is makes all the difference. Right now I'm two hours behind the East Coast, but two months ago I was three hours behind it.

At 0830 today I called one of our stores in Tennesee. For some reason I could not get directly to the store, just kept getting tossed back to our main corporate number. I asked Awesome!Boss what to do and he told me to call our help desk and see if they knew a different number to call to bypass the official IVR (the IVR is the thing that asks you to press 1 for X, 2 for Y and 3 for Z) and get directly into the store.

The lady who picks up at help desks proceeds to tell me that it is not past 0900 in Tennesee yet, and that's why I can't call—because the store is closed.

I mentioned how I'm bad with daylight savings? Well, there are some things I know, and I know that if it's 0830 here it is later in Tennesee. So I argue with the lady for TEN MINUTES about whether it is past 0900 in Tennesee before she PUTS ME ON HOLD TO GOOGLE IT.

I immediately turn to Awesome!Boss and explain that the woman I'm speaking with is trying to convince me that Tennesee and Arizona are in the same timezone. At which point he CRACKS UP.

FIVE MINUTES LATER she comes back and tells me she's sorry, she was mistaken, it DOES look like it's past 0900 in Tennesee. She then proceeds to call the store on her cell phone instead of place me on hold and using her speedbar like is policy, and has the NERVE to act like I'm stupid because she could get right into the store by pressing the number that for every store outside of Tennesee will just transfer the call right back into us.

This story is actually from the hour-long call I had from 0800-0900.
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