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Wee About Me post

1. First Name: Charlee

2. Age: 23

3. Location: Phoenix, AZ

4. Occupation: Business Services Agent for a cell phone company.

5. Partner: Happily asexual, so none in the future and none right now. But, apparently, judging by all three of my ex-boyfriends, if I think a guy is at all likable or cute, he's a great big gay guy.

6. Kids: See above. Also, my name is not Mary, and I am too lazy to walk through a desert. More than I do now, I mean.

7. Brothers/Sisters: Older brother named Bryon, referred to as B, younger brother named Joseph who will nearly always be called Yuss, Yussie, or Idiot-Boy. I also have two older sisters who I don't technically share genetics with, Pissy, who is two years older and technically named Crystal, and Chelsea, who is BARELY OLDER, and lost the very first fight we ever had.


9. List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life:

Work: Which kinda tells you how full my life is. I don't really talk about it much because there are some pretty strict laws concerning what I'm allowed to say and what will bring federal charges against me. But I will occasionally FLock a post and bitch about how much I hate idiots and asshats. I also sometimes do ridiculous things like work thirteen hours straight with no lunch. Which brings me to my next one.

Money: I make a kind of better than more amount of it, and don't get to keep nearly enough of it. I talk about this in my journal more than work, but still not a lot because I've been called whiny before and that's just not fun.

Fandom: If I'm not at work I'm on LJ. When I'm at work I read fic and write in between calls. My bestest best friends ever are in fandom and most of them were met here in fandom. That said, when there is wank those previously mentioned friends will let me bitch at them about it so you will not see me posting about said wank, even to say why I'm not posting about it.

Chat: MY CHAAAAAAAAAAT. They are, in alphabetical order (and only, only, only counting the ones that are in it most often lately, because otherwise there will not be enough room for anything else); celtic_cookie, dea_liberty, gigglingkat, sophie_448, and waterofthemoon.

10. Parents: MOG, this one is kinda hard. I have a mom who I call Ma when I'm talking about her and Momma or Mommy when I'm talking to her. I also have a dad I haven't talk to since pretty much the same time

11. Who are some of your closest friends: Holy crap. Okay, yeah, Chat, in nearly all of it's incarnations—which, again, seriously, listing would break the LJ size limit, but check my sticky post and my userinfo for an idea—Pissy, Chelsea, setissma, velithya, and, honestly, most of the people on my FList.

12. Are you so OCD that you had to make a twelfth question just to have an even number: Yes. Yes, I am.

Also, I don't make as many posts here as I used to because, like. I've had people tell me that everything sounds interesting but they really think everything I say about my life is a lie, and other people say that I whine too much about my job and money and, yeah. It kinda sucks when you have to think this hard about what to put in your own journal, but that's how it is.
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