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LA Con

Anyone know what the comm is for the LA CreationCon? I really, really want to go to at least one big con like that and LA is closest to me, so I'm aiming for that one. My big hope is, like, to find someone who bought a gold pass and won't be able to go because, really, if I'm going to be using up the only free money I have for a year on something I want the WORKS.

Also, I feel okay thinking about this because right now my idea of splurging is possibly replacing my two-year-old glasses since I'm having issues seeing out of them again.

I mean, really, I don't really do things for me right now except that I spend fifty bucks to get my hair dyed every two or three months and once a year I go to wincon. So if I want to try to spend a ridiculous amount of money to go somewhere and listen to people from TV talk in person and get pictures with them I should be able to.

...Okay, so looking at that maybe I am still trying to justify thinking about it a tiny bit.

I'm kinda worried though because, like, LA is my highly preferred option because it's $140 to fly there and back versus $340 for NJ and $560 for Vancouver. Also, next year Chicago will be the week after WinCon, so that will never happen, because I would either need to fly to and from twice in two weeks or find a way to get ten days off work and still keep my job, which just would not happen.

AUGH, HMOG. I didn't realize I was this Dean in my head. What the fuck ever, ignore everything but the very top part of this post.
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