BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

In the spirit of the day

A lot of my FList has been posting things about what they were doing when the Berlin wall came down.

Allow me now to make you all feel INCREDIBELY OLD.

When the Berlin wall came down I was THREE and did not know what Germany was. I was probably in the hospital relearning how to walk.

Also, I remember OJ's chase in the white Bronco only because it interuptted Boy Meets World on TGIF and I was pissed.

You're all welcome.

OH, ALSO. I failed mini_wrimo AGAIN because I STRUGGLED to stay up (at NINE FUCKING AT NIGHT) long enough to hit my wordcount, did, hit post, and then immediately passed out.

Only to wake up for work ten minutes after today's post went up to find out that LJ gave me an error instead of posting my wordcount. NOT FUCKING COOL, ASSHATS. SERIOUSLY, LJ, YOU NEED TO FIX YOUR SHIT.
Tags: flist love, mini!nanowrimo, random, rl

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