BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,


So, I totally managed to fail mini_wrimo in three days because I feel asleep before reporting on the third.

Also, the chick who I am training in side-by-sides is the most condescending, uptight bitch I have met in I don't even know how long. She called someone slutty for only knowing someone for a few months before getting engaged, and bitched at me because I was helping her.

Oh, man, do I have a rant about this chick saved up for when I get home.

Also, my paycheck got screwed up last Friday and they tried to send all but $100 of it to an account that no longer exists (my fault, I changed the accounts online with our DD service but knew we were having net issues and didn't double check to make sure it took).

So now they have my check ready for me, but it's forty-five minutes away from where I work and needs to be picked up withing a half an hour of me getting off of work or they will mail it to me and it "may get there by Saturday, or it may not."

Because of this I am HUNGRY and want to EAT LUNCH and can't, because I have less than a dollar to my name right now. Well, not true. I have $1.60 on my debit card.
Tags: kill them all, laugh at clex, rl: money, rl: work, writing

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