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Oh God, so fucking tired.

Also, apparently YahooMail and LJ are teaming up to hate me. Not getting some emails, or, like, any comment notifications apparently. Which is so fucking awesome.

I spent the day dressed as a zombie prom queen. Like this. I kinda totally love it.

We had tons of adorable Trick or Treaters, BTW. ADORABLE WEE SUPERHEROES.

And now I need to SLEEP. mini_wrimo starts in about forty minutes and...I was gonna say something else but I don't remember what. Possibly something about the time change.

Yeah, here in AZ we don't have daylight savings, but I work inbound sales for a large cell phone company, morning shift. So that means my work hours for the past few months have been 0600-1500 and will now be moving to 0700-1600 so that my hours are still the same as the rest of the country's.

Which means, you know. YAY! NOW I GET TO SLEEP IN TO 0500!

Okay, half an hour till mini_wrimo, so I should really sleep soon.

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