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Got my drivers license yesterday. I'm now officially completed with Security. I am an official rent-a-cop now. Tomorrow I'm going to go and talk with my area director about being put on paid work-base until college starts. Job Corps to Normal translation? That means I'm going to ask if they'll get me a job and let me go to it all day instead of classes until August.

On another note I just lost an entire hour of my life to this mind-numingly aweful fanfic I read. No details, because I'm sure the author was trying, but mother of god I want that hour back. It was this multi-part AU that was just. Damn. I could tell around chapter two that it wasn't going to get better, but I needed closure so I kept reading. Fucking idiot. I am so very stupid that it hurts. See this, is why I hesitate to start any new multipart fics. It's the reason why I didnt get into The Archer until chapter 36 was posted, got in late on Seperation of Desire, still haven't started Partnership in Blood...

Ignore my ramblings, it's late and I'm tired. I think I'm gonna head to sleep soon.
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