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I went to see Kingdom of Heaven last night (Mostly)...


Damn but that movie was awesome, I was spacing in and out on some parts but that means I have an excuse to see the movie again! :D

Yesterday was hell.

It started off with me doing my final in Driver's Ed. The teacher Lela had me so tensed up that I started to get muscle cramps. So not what you need when your driving down the freeway. Did I mention that my eyes were blurring cause I was tired? Can't forget that.

Anyway from there I was supposed to eat lunch, get early pay, and then head to an appointment for AHCCCS (Az Medicare) and foodstamps. I don't remember what was for lunch but I know I didn't eat it. Then I went for early pay and they wouldn't give it to me cause I got marked for absences I didn't have. I spent a half an hour running in circles getting the absences cleared up and then I got early pay. And then I noticed I started two weeks early (Unfuckingfair dude) and ruined a pair of boxers and had to run to Health & Wellness (Nurse Ratchet's HQ) for girly things. Fun. After that I had a "meeting" with my counselor, the head of my area and the head of College Prep. Apparently I complained too loudly about being lied to and I make excuses. Also how dare I mention that I can't eat most of anything on the menu to the place where we were taken to eat.

I desperatly wanted to scream or kill someone all day yesterday and couldn't do anything. Oh my fucking god dude.

Then at 2:30 I went to my appointment (Which was set for 3:50 but it was have Job Corps drop me off early or try to find it on my own) and sat there half-dozing until about 4:15 when I went in. It took like twenty minutes and I just signed some paperwork mostly. It's sad when a government appointment is the least stressful part of my day.

I ran to the Osco on the corner to get some girly things and then got back to Job Corps around five thirty or so and me and youkos_vixen tried to find kygn until we were told he had left right after school. Big meanie. Then we managed to gather the chick portion of the Scoobies (-Jen) --youkos_vixen, sakura_aideen, ladiesandbruces, myself and Liz--in the lounge to figure out a plan. youkos_vixen did a food run while we waited for my brother and his girlfriend to get back so we could go to KOH. This was at about six or so.

Long story short there were a shit-load of misscommunications and at eight I gave Idiot-boy $15 so he and Narco[leptic Wonder] could go see KOH and still b out in time for Narco's mom to pick her up. They went to the 8:30-11:00 showing.

Liz is saving up her money to take out the newest object of her stalkerishly obsessive affections, Amy-don't-know-her-well-enough-for-anything-snarky, next week so she didn't come with. Which means me, youkos_vixen, sakura_aideen, and ladiesandbruces went to the 9:30 showing of the movie. Ohgodyes! KOH was just...!! My only problem with it so far is that as I mentioned earlier I had been tired all day so my eyes were blurring, which means when the jumpy, blurry fight/battle-scenes came up my eyes would have a mini-seizure and at one point I was actually leaning over the seat next to me I had gone so cross-eyed. But hey, it gives me an excuse to see the movie again!

Balian. Wow. And I don't just mean the Orlando Bloom hotness, I mean wow. He was cool. I want a Balin for several reasons. The kinda creepy though? I have this pet chara in my mind, who I stared creating about three years ago now, back before I knew who Orlando Bloom was and way before KOH and actually like right before I started getting obsessed with LotR, named Elijah (Not after Wood, but because of the connotations of the name in Judism) who pretty much is Balian.

Elijah looks like Balian (Not face-wise, face-wise he keeps changing, I haven't been able to settle) but hair-wise, body-type, and at one and some points even clothing style. They have the same dort of silence about themand the same sort of not-exactly-brooding but... semi-wallowing serious personality. Elijah's the type who doesn't like to fight (mainly because he doesn't feel it's ever truely a fair fight) but when he does he kicks ass something fierce. There are so many other little things that are the same between them, it's so weird. They are by no means identical though. They are both these rather large-type religious people but Elijah is Jewish where Balian is Christian. And while I know that seems kinda like a dumb compairson ("Their's goes 'ding-ding-ding-da-da-ding-ding, ding-ding-ding-da-da-ding-ding' while ours goes 'ding-ding-ding-da-da-ding-ding, da ding-ding-ding-da-da-ding-ding.' See, ours has that extra thing.") it's actually very large. I'm getting completely off-topic here though.

In summary? Friday's are evil, supervisor's suck, gonna see KOH again, Balian = Wicked-sweet, kinda wish Ridley were a sell-out cause I want a Balian doll just like I want a Hoot doll (I refuse to use an IG Joe, it's not the same), and I am a complete idiot. So nothing new. Also I desperatly need more Icon-space for Balian Squee-age.
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