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Our cable accidentally got cut on Tuesday, and since we're actually finalizing on the house at the end of the month we figured that getting the cable fixed when we're just gonna have to get a satellite in two weeks anyway was kind of stupid. So instead we have one of the digital converter boxes for the living room, since we can give that to Yussie when we move. This means I have NO live TV and am primarily surviving on downloads, torrents, and the occasional super extra awesome help from INSANELY shiny and awesome friends who shall not be named at this moment.

Also, Paypal is made is MADE OF SHIT. For the last two weeks I've been fighting with them and my bank for the last two weeks over WinCon.

See, I won a scavenger hunt at the comm, so my con fee is fifteen dollars less than the price linked off the profile. When I got the money to pay I shot off a couple of PMs to the mods and then paid the full price and said to just give me the difference in raffle tickets. The day after I payed coiledsoul said, "Whoops, here, let me refund this so you don't have to pay more money, here, now you can pay the right price." Paypal listed the money as refunded so I just clicked the button to pay the right price.

Well, I didn't realize that to Paypal "refunded" means "your money is taken immediately from the person refunding it, but you won't get it for between three days and two weeks." So with my bank account still empty the correct payment for the con hit it, and bounced back and gave me an Non Sufficient Funds fee to the tune of $35 dollars. I spend an hour and a half during my hour lunch on the phone with Paypal until I get them to send me an email to take to my bank telling the bank to refund the NSF charhe because they weren't clear in their wording. Sucks, but it's over, right?


Because I get an email from Paypal saying that the correct amount was not in my account and, thus, not charged, and they were gonna try again automatically in three days. I then called them up and told them NOT to do it, because I wouldn't have any money in my account in three days. I spoke with someone on the phone who's name I could not understand (that's not some backhanded racist comment, I couldn't understand what she said when she said her name so I didn't bother asking ten times until my ears worked so I could write it down) who said they would go ahead and make sure not to charge my account again.

Labor Day weekend I got Sunday off only, so that means at work on Saturday I used my card to get food, and then proceeded to use my card for eleven tiny things between then and Tuesday, like usual. Now, I want you to know I am obsessive about my money, I know every penny I spend and how much is in my account at all times.

So when I go to get food on Tuesday and the text from bank says I'm an obscene amount of money in the hole I get a MASSIVE WTF and head to the bank to find out WHY. And then on the printout of my transactions I see that Paypal took out the correct amount for the con fee. AGAIN. AFTER I CALLED AND TOLD THEM NOT TO.

Over the next two days I spend three hours during my one-hour lunch at the bank, putting a stop payment on Paypal and trying to get the THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-FIVE DOLLARS IN OVERDRAFT FEES ALONE reversed. I've got most of them done now, but am still -73.28, so later today I'm gonna head to the branch I opened at and see WTF I can do about that.

Also, I have had this on-and-off stabbing pain near my bellybutton all week, which is kinda scary because, hai, cut in half two months ago.


Five things about the spot where my computer is.

1. Well. It's soft, because Sam stays on my bed due to lack of desk.
2. There are 18 Winnie the Pooh and 2 Tigger stuffed animals on the other side of Sam, against my wall.
3. There are eight pillows on my bed because it's only been two months since my surgery and the stomach muscles take SHOCKINGLY long to heal.
4. I have this, this, this, this, and this taped to my wall under two SPN posters.
5. There used to be a whiteboard on the wall-side of the bed across from Sam, but I accidentally knocked it down and almost gave myself a concussion a few months ago, so now there is a whiteboard on the floor near Sam's bed/perch.


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