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Okay you all need to join awesome_points like now. Seriously. Why are you still reading this? You can win paid LJ time and extra icons. for doing nearly nothing! Tell them I sent you so I can get points. Oh, and all you PJCC Mooks better join or I'll know and I'll stalk you and poke you until you either give birth or join. Get it? Got it. Good.

And speaking of the Scoobies Here's a cheat sheet:

clex_monkie89 = Well duh-fucking-uh dude. Take a wild guess.
ladiesandbruces = Overthrow Britney.
kygn = Don't Feed Phil.
sanrei = Aiden.
sakura_aideen = Eddaddie.
youkos_vixen = Chick Errin.

Okay Scoobies, commence friending!

Oh also? If anyone knows of a blogger plug-in for Windows Media-Player 10 I would be eternally grateful.
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