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I have the day off because apparently I can't do five days in a row with early wakeup anymore. Luckily, my boss is more awesome than your boss and spent all days yesterday trying to get today off for me (before that I had Saturday off).

So. WIP meme, extra late because I'm lazy. You know the drill, one sentence from each WIP I have (only the ones with words written as a non-outline), no explanations.

  • They were trying to make their way up to New York before the blizzard hit—shit like that attracts demons like roadkill attracts hungry rednecks—but a pile-up on the interstate diverts them far enough that their tank gives out a state and a half away from anything near civilization.

  • Some scrawny little blonde girl brings him back this side of the Canadian border.

  • Mary Majewski used to joke that she was thirteen before she realized her name wasn't Mary Ellen.

  • Even Sam doesn't know exactly what he means, but he learned a long time ago that if you're vague and you can pretend you know what you're saying most people will just smile and nod rather than risk looking stupid.

  • Dean hates not knowing who he's talking to, it makes him feel like a bad brother.

  • "What happened to—How—Who the fuck did you piss of this time?"

  • The guy calls Dean faggot and princess and Dean beats him till the P.E. teacher and Mrs. Schumacher drag him off, screaming incoherently and raging so hard and strong that he thinks he might die if he can't get it all out.

  • Dean has long since stopped being phased by people thinking he and Sam are raising little Chinese babies together, so he just smiles a tight smile and pets Sam's back.

  • Adam didn't give Sam his Antichrist status1, he just let him share it.

  • Military brats who understand finally seeing that little bit of freedom at the end of the road; who understand talking back and getting smacked, standing in the corner in the middle of a fucking grocery store because 6'2" and a valid driver's license means nothing to the man who burped you, fed you, changed your diapers.

  • Sam was fourteen the first time they stayed in a house that had legal electricity.

  • Dean Smith was born January 24th, 1979, after forty-seven hours of labor and two false starts.

  • It's not really a problem until Sam goes face-first down a hill or Dean gets hit with a zat because he doesn't know how to fucking duck and they have to try and swap tags back before they get back to Atlantis.

  • When Sammy giggles and squeals and makes "gimme" hands until Dean hugs him hard and is rewarded with wet, drooling baby kisses all over his face.

  • And no one hears about how he called Eric in California and his Momma and Daddy in Texas and Chad in NC because Jared was out of his mind on morphine and demanding everyone be notified in case he died while the doctor set his wrist.

  • "[...] You can't have three hundred foot ceilings and a bed like that and not jump on it man, it's not natural."

  • Jared beats Tom's ass at Chess and Tom shames Jared's English teacher mother by kicking his ass all over the continent in scrabble.

  • "I have no spleen anymore because I vomited it up. [...]"

  • His forehead makes a dull thudding sound when it connects with the hard wood of his desk.

  • If Dean were another kind of man he'd write songs and epic poems devoted to Sam's ass, or at least a limerick or two.

...That's a lot. Damn, why isn't facepalmy a mood? Also, this has taken, like, nine hours because I rock like that.
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