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Quick bit about the Oscars

LORD OF THE RINGS!!!!!!!!!!! WOO-FREAKIN'-HOO!!!!!!!!!!! Clean Sweep Baby! Fuck Yeah!


Mmquay, yeah. Anyway I just want to say that I love LotR, PotC, and me and the other 4 girls watching and cheering the Oscars' like it was the Superbowl all booed Sean Penn because despite the fact that we're all mature women: WE WANT JOHNNY!!

On a side--but still related note--I cut my hand open in 3 different places (damn rings) and bent one of my rings from clapping and drumrolling and banging on the cement counter in the Canteen. The Canteen BTW is Job Corps lil' hangout thing.

We cleared the place 3 times and turned head I have no idea how many times with all our hooting/hollering/screaming/squealing/booing/cheering/chanting/etc.

Oh yeah, and for the one person who reads this if you want to see some pics of Johnny from tonight in my memories it's under Johnny. Or Johnny Depp. Whatever. Yay I'm tlking to myself and even I'm not listening.

Oh yeah, also we all got pissed about the camera's not showing Viggo or Orli until we realized that maybe they weren't there. Then I remembered they were filming movies but I couldn't remember what. Orli is doing a movie and I don't remember what Viggo is doing. Then one of the girls--Jessica--demanded they fly Orli in because she wanted to see him "He's the Queen of the Ring!" I snorted at that and got laughed at. Then I got yelled at by Amanda cause I mispronounced Legolas's name (I don't know how to pluralize that so forgive me). I know how it's pronounced but just like Ranma's name because of Idiot-Boy and his damn perpousful mispronounciations I never say it right. He says Ran-ah-ma and Leg-oh-liss. Also am-in-aye and man-ga. Yeah. It's almost mindnight and I have to wake up at six for school in the morning. I'm going now. Bye.
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