BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

From Twitter 07-19-2009

  • 05:18:58: @gigglingkat In the hospital after major stomach surgery. I totally trump your hate and raise you fifty.
  • 05:47:29: @gigglingkat Had to pee. It's a whole Thing, wakes me up and is a 20 minute event w/leg wraps and morphine and bed.
  • 08:19:23: Just got moved from all liquid to soft foods!
  • 11:49:13: @dea_liberty So it's YOUR FAULT! Mean Dea!
  • 12:07:00: So, I'm watching Daisy of Love--weekend daytime TV fail--and plot bunnying about the boys falling for each other while competing for a c ...
  • 14:33:44: @_annella What fic?
  • 20:54:46: Chest CT FTMFL. That was SCARY and I totally had a panic attack. BOOOOOO.
  • 21:50:49: @celtic_cookie Apparently Amy Adams is a "Glambert." Relevant to your interests.
  • 23:21:18: Someone should email me a good Big Bang. Not too sad. @waterofthemoon? @ Chat?
  • 23:23:05: In parts as posted (for reading ease, plz) to my Yahho would ROCK.
  • 23:45:21: Coughed during a breathing exercise. Ouchies. >.<

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